NR2003 Forums - Great places to get info and to ask questions - You have to register

Blackhole Motorsports Forum covers a lot of sims, including NR2003 and editing
MasGrafx The forum of the best painting site on the net
Race Sim Central One of the best is coming back online
Rubbin's Racin A lot of the TLS forum members are here now
The Racing Groove They are back with this forum
Zerkel Motorwerks The New "Unofficial" Official General Discussion forum of the US Pits.
The US Pits Back, all inclusive

Leisure Forums - Where the NR2003'ers hang out - Minors beware - You have to register

Team SLM Join Minted and da boys in discussion
Trophyguy's Sim Circus A lot of the Sierra forum guys shoot the breeze here

Last checked August 27, 2008