NR2003 Replacement Sounds - In-car, external, tranny sounds

Blackhole Motorsports List Includes a few of the ones listed here
Engine/Tranny Sound Pack Author: AOD_Mach; Engine and transmission sounds for NR2003
Generic Static Removal Author:  Group44
Group44's G3 Sounds Author: Group44
Group44's Speedway Sounds Author: Group44; Higher pitch for speedways
Group44's G5 Sounds Author: Group44; Updated road courses sounds
House of Hardtops (Registration required) Miscellaneous sounds (air gun, et. al.)
Mach42 Soundpack Transmission whine/engine sounds
MintedLlama's Sound Pack "Gentlemen, start your engines" replacements
Sounds of NASCAR 09a Author: Methyl Ethyl
Dave Hoffman's Spotter One of the best add-ons for NR2003. You must have this.
Superspeedway Sounds Author:  Nick Winters; Gives the sounds of a restricted engine
Zcehan's Misc Sound Pack Gearshift, backfire, race-start sounds
Zcehan's Engine Sound Pack Engine replacement sounds
Ziozeus' Trans Am Sounds Replacement sounds for the TA Mods

Last Updated August 27, 2008