Painting Tutorials - Modeling and painting lessons - there will be a test.
DWB Painting Tutorial Tutorial for PSP 8 or 8.10
JimmyK's Paintshop Painting tutorials and paint requests  (UPDATED URL)
IFreezn's Tutorial One of the first tuts out there for NR2003 painting
McLaren Modeling Tutorial Tutorial for modeling in 3D Studio MAX5 or lower

Painting Sites - Great sites for templates, fonts, decals and more

Clebrowns63's Paintshop Cars, trucks, AeroWar88
CupCars Cars, trucks, layers, templates, tutorials
Lanzock Decals, templates, numbers, layers, cars files, and more
MasGrafx Racing One of the top painting resource sites
MG-Motorsports Tons and tons of resources, cars and files here
Sim Racing Design Decals, logos, layers schemes
Tucknut NR2003 Templates, Layers
Wardog Design Templates A great Dodge resource for online
Google - NR2003 painting sites  

Last checked August 27, 2008