NR2003 Track Utilities - Building a track? Check these links out

Blackhole Motorsports Hosts many utilities for the game
Camera Control Master GPLForver's camera editing tool
NR2003 Editing Central Tutorial on replacing track or game graphics with your own
Tracks From Space NR2K3 Tracks offers these links to satellite pictures of track configurations

Using NR2002 Tracks in NR2003

Tracks from NR2002 will work in NR2003.

To get them to work, you must turn off the Shadows / In Car Option in the game to fix the dash.
You can also add the sky.3do file from the shared.dat file in the shared folder to the particular track you are installing.

If you are using OpenGL, take the horiz.3do file from the shared.dat to fix shadow problems for night tracks.

Add the c_environ.mip file and s_environ.mip file for day tracks to fix the sun glare.

Last checked August 27, 2008