General Utilities - Helpful tools for your computer

End It All Shuts down unnecessary programs running in Windows to free memory
End It All V2 Much more powerful version
Game XP Run this program to free up resources to give more to your game
Save Your NR2003 CD Use this tutorial to save your CD since supplies are very limited
Shareware Junkies Tons of Windows utilities here
Sysinternals Freeware Lots of tools for Windows NT/XP/ME/2K3
UltimateZip A powerful file compressor - supports most compression types (including .rar)
WinZip The most used compression file tool around

NR2003 General Utilities - Programs and links for the game

Blackhole Motorsports Hosts many utilities for the game
D3PlayerPicker John Simmons has produced this program to manage ID's, tracks and more.
Garage Sound Remover Eliminate the sounds when you change setups
NEXTEL/Sunoco Replacements Changes the Winston logos to NEXTEL and Unocal logos to Sunoco
NASCAR Race List Allows you to view races online without starting the game
NR2003 Replay Analyzer This utility uses replays to view others laps versus your own
Save Game Editor By J Nelson, Edits the lineup of a saved game
WinMip2 Converts .mip file to .bmp and back for editing in-game objects

Last checked August 27, 2008